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Audeo P70-R Hearing aid

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Virto P70-10 NW 0 Hearing aid

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Virto P70-312 NW 0 Hearing aid

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Model Name/Number virto p70 312
Aid Placement In The Canal
Type ITC
Directional Microphones multi
No. Of Channels 20 CHANNEL
Dimension ALL
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
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I recently acquired the Phonak Virto P70 312, and I must say, it has significantly enhanced my auditory experience. As someone with specific hearing needs, this in-the-canal (ITC) hearing aid has been a game-changer.

Design & Comfort: The design of the Phonak Virto P70 312 is sleek and inconspicuous. The black and gray color combination adds a touch of elegance. Its in-the-canal placement provides a snug fit, ensuring comfort throughout the day. Despite its small size, it feels robust and well-built.

Audio Performance: The aid boasts 20 channels, which contribute to its remarkable performance in various sound environments. The directional microphones are a standout feature, allowing for focused sound reception and minimizing background noise effectively. Whether in noisy social gatherings or quieter settings, the aid adapts seamlessly, providing clear and crisp sound.

Adaptability & Customization: The customization options available with the Virto P70 312 are impressive. The aid adapts well to different situations through its automatic adjustment feature. Additionally, the ability to fine-tune settings via the Phonak app on my smartphone has been incredibly convenient. It allows me to adjust settings discreetly without drawing attention.

Battery Life: The battery life has been satisfactory, lasting throughout the day without needing frequent replacements. The 312 battery size strikes a good balance between power and size, ensuring a compact form factor without compromising on longevity.

Overall, the Phonak Virto P70 312 is a premium ITC hearing aid that excels in performance, comfort, and adaptability. Its discreet design coupled with advanced features makes it a top choice for anyone seeking reliable and customizable hearing assistance. While the price point might be higher, the quality and functionality justify the investment.


  1. Excellent sound quality in various environments
  2. Sleek and comfortable design
  3. Advanced customization options through the Phonak app
  4. Effective noise reduction with multi-directional microphones
  5. Long-lasting battery life for daily use

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