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Audio Service Duo 3 G4 BTE

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Audio Service HP16 G4 BTE

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Audio Service HP12 G4 BTE

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 32
Battery Type 675
GAIN / OP 82/140
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Audio Service hearing aid, specifically the Audio Service HP12. As someone with a hearing impairment of up to 120dB, finding the right hearing solution is crucial, and the Audio Service device left a lasting impression. Here’s a breakdown of my experience:

Design and Comfort: The Behind-the-Ear (BTE) design of the Audio Service hearing aid ensures a comfortable fit while catering to a fitting range of up to 120dB. The device is discreet and feels lightweight, making it easy to wear throughout the day without any discomfort.

Technological Features: The Audio Service hearing aid boasts an impressive array of features that significantly enhance the overall listening experience. The device is App Compatible, allowing users to customize settings and preferences with ease. The Auto Directional feature ensures automatic adjustment to different sound environments, providing a seamless transition between quiet and noisy spaces.

The inclusion of CROS/BiCROS functionality expands the usability for individuals with unilateral hearing loss, and the Ear2Ear Communication feature facilitates seamless communication between both hearing aids. Data Logging is a handy feature for tracking usage patterns and making informed adjustments.

Sound Quality: The device incorporates advanced technologies such as Frequency Compression, Multi Mic, and Noise Management, ensuring clear and natural sound quality. Speech Focus is particularly noteworthy, as it enhances the clarity of speech in various environments, making conversations more enjoyable.

Connectivity: The Audio Service hearing aid excels in connectivity options. From Music Streaming to Wireless capabilities, users can seamlessly connect to their devices and enjoy a personalized listening experience. The inclusion of Telecoil and Wind Noise Reduction further enhances the versatility of the device.

Additional Features: The hearing aid includes Echo Block and Feedback Cancellation, addressing common issues faced by users. The Tinnitus Masker is a thoughtful addition, providing relief for those experiencing tinnitus.


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