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Signia Intuis 3 P BTE | Hearing machine

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Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear machine

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  • Acclimatization Manager
  • Data Logging
  • Feedback Cancellation
  • Frequency Compression
  • Noise Management
  • Tinnitus Masker
  • Wind Noise Reduction

Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear machine

Product Name Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear machine
Brand Signia
Model Pure 2px
Type RIC
Digital/Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 312
GAIN / OP 45/108 , 60/119 , 70/124 , 75/130
Fitting Range S:10-85 / M:10-95 / P:15-110 / HP:20-115
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Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear Machine Review: A Technologically Advanced Solution for Clear Hearing

I recently had the opportunity to experience the Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear Machine, and I am genuinely impressed with its innovative features and advanced technology. This hearing aid is designed to provide users with a clear and natural listening experience, addressing various challenges that individuals with hearing loss may encounter. Here are some key features that make the Signia Pure 2px stand out:

  1. Acclimatization Manager: One of the standout features of the Signia Pure 2px is its Acclimatization Manager. This intelligent system gradually adjusts the hearing aid settings to help users adapt to different listening environments. This ensures a smooth and comfortable transition for users, making the adjustment period more manageable.
  2. Data Logging: The inclusion of Data Logging in the Signia Pure 2px is a game-changer. This feature keeps track of usage patterns and environmental factors, providing valuable insights for both users and audiologists. This data-driven approach allows for personalized adjustments, ensuring that the hearing aid is optimized for each individual’s specific needs.
  3. Feedback Cancellation: The Feedback Cancellation feature effectively eliminates annoying and disruptive feedback sounds. This is crucial for a seamless listening experience, especially in situations where background noise can interfere with clarity. The advanced feedback cancellation technology in the Signia Pure 2px contributes significantly to reducing auditory distractions.
  4. Frequency Compression: Signia Pure 2px incorporates Frequency Compression technology, which enhances the audibility of high-frequency sounds. This is particularly beneficial for users with high-frequency hearing loss, allowing them to perceive important sounds such as speech cues and environmental signals more effectively.
  5. Noise Management: The Noise Management feature of the Signia Pure 2px is highly effective in distinguishing between speech and background noise. This enables users to focus on conversations and essential sounds while minimizing the impact of surrounding distractions, resulting in a more enjoyable listening experience.
  6. Tinnitus Masker: For individuals dealing with tinnitus, the Signia Pure 2px offers a Tinnitus Masker function. This feature helps alleviate the perception of ringing or buzzing sounds by providing soothing background noise. It can be customized to suit individual preferences, offering relief for those experiencing tinnitus symptoms.
  7. Wind Noise Reduction: Signia Pure 2px tackles the common issue of wind noise interference. The Wind Noise Reduction feature ensures that users can enjoy outdoor activities without the annoyance of excessive wind-related sounds, contributing to an overall enhanced hearing experience.


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