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ReSound ENZO 598 DW SP – Kan Ki Machine

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Audio Service Mood 4 G4 RIC

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Phonak Marvel Audeo M50

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 12
Battery Type
GAIN / OP S:46 / M:50 / P: 58 / UP: 67
FITTING RANGE S:0-95 / M:0-95 / P:30-100 / UP:50-105
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Brand: Phonak Phonak is a well-known brand in the hearing aid industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of hearing solutions to improve the lives of people with hearing loss.

Channels: 11-12 Channels in a hearing aid refer to the number of frequency bands or channels that the device can process. Having more channels allows for more precise customization to match the individual’s hearing needs.

Fitting Range:

  • Up to 90dB
  • Up to 95dB
  • Up to 100dB
  • Up to 105dB

These values represent the maximum hearing loss level (in decibels) that the hearing aid is designed to address. The higher the number, the more severe the hearing loss it can accommodate.

Types: RIC / RIE

  • RIC (Receiver-in-Canal): The receiver (speaker) is placed in the ear canal, while the rest of the components are behind the ear.
  • RIE (Receiver-in-Ear): Similar to RIC, but with the receiver located in the earpiece that sits in the ear canal.

Features: Rechargeable This indicates that the hearing aid is equipped with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for traditional disposable batteries. Users can recharge the device for repeated use.

Add-On Features:

  1. DuoPhone: Possibly a feature that enhances phone call clarity or functionality, allowing users to better hear phone conversations.
  2. Indicator Light: A visual indicator on the hearing aid that provides information about its status, battery level, or operational mode.
  3. Real Ear Sound: This feature aims to provide a more natural and realistic hearing experience by simulating the acoustics of the outer ear.
  4. UltraZoom Standard: Likely a technology designed to focus on specific sound sources while reducing background noise, improving the user’s listening experience.
  5. WindBlock: This feature helps reduce the impact of wind noise, making it more comfortable for users in outdoor environments.

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