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Phonak Marvel Audeo M50

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Audio Service P3 G4 BTE

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Audio Service Mood 4 G4 RIC

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 312
GAIN / 45/108, 60/119, 70/124
FITTING RANGE 10-85, 10-100, 15-110
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Brand: Audio Service Audio Service is another brand in the hearing aid industry, likely offering a range of products to address various hearing needs.

Channels: 15-16 Similar to the previous explanation, the number of channels in a hearing aid indicates the device’s ability to process different frequency bands for a more customized hearing experience.

Fitting Range:

  • Up to 90dB
  • Up to 100dB
  • Up to 110dB

These values represent the maximum hearing loss level (in decibels) that the hearing aid is designed to accommodate.


  1. App Compatible: This indicates that the hearing aid can be paired with a mobile application, allowing users to control and customize settings through their smartphones.
  2. Auto Directional: The hearing aid likely has automatic directional microphones that adjust based on the surrounding environment to enhance speech understanding.
  3. Data Logging: The device keeps a record of usage data, which can be useful for hearing care professionals in fine-tuning the settings for optimal performance.
  4. Feedback Cancellation: A feature designed to eliminate or reduce the occurrence of feedback (whistling or squealing sounds) from the hearing aid.
  5. Frequency Compression: This technology compresses high-frequency sounds into a lower frequency range to make them audible for individuals with high-frequency hearing loss.
  6. Multi Mic: The hearing aid is equipped to work with multiple microphones, possibly improving the user’s ability to focus on specific sounds in various environments.
  7. Music Streaming: The ability to stream music directly to the hearing aid, providing an enhanced listening experience for users who enjoy music.
  8. Noise Management: The hearing aid likely includes technology to reduce background noise, making it easier for users to hear speech and other important sounds.
  9. Telecoil: A telecoil, or T-coil, allows the hearing aid to pick up and amplify sounds from compatible audio systems, such as phones or public address systems.
  10. Wireless: The hearing aid supports wireless connectivity, possibly for communication between hearing aids or for connecting to external devices.

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  1. शशिकांत

    हे मशीन मी खूप दिवसापासून वापरत आहे, खूप चांगला रिजल्ट आहे, व्हिआर स्पीच अँड हेअरिंग खूप चांगले मशीन देतात

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