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Signia Pure 2px RIC Ear machine

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Phonak Naida M30-SP BTE

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Signia Intuis 3 P BTE | Hearing machine

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 Signia Intuis 3 P BTE Hearing Aid:

Product Name  Signia Intuis 3 P BTE Hearing Aid
Brand Signia
Model  Intuis 3 P
Type BTE
Digital/Programmable Digital
No.of Channels 12
Battery Type 13
Gain 70/134
Fitting Range 10-110
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The Signia Intuis 3 P BTE Hearing Aid offers advanced digital technology with a generous number of 12 channels for precise customization. The device is suitable for a wide range of hearing needs, covering a fitting range from 10 to 110 decibels. The use of a size 13 battery ensures a reliable power source.

The dual gain settings of 70/134 provide flexibility for adapting to various listening environments. The higher gain allows for amplification in situations where more support is needed, ensuring clear and crisp sound quality.

The BTE design is known for its comfort and discreet appearance. It sits comfortably behind the ear, and its advanced features make it a reliable choice for individuals seeking a comprehensive hearing solution.

Users may appreciate the digital programmability of the device, allowing for fine-tuning to individual preferences and hearing requirements. The Intuis 3 P is likely to be user-friendly, offering an effective and personalized hearing experience.


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