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Phonak Audeo B70 Hearing Aid, Receiver-in-the-Canal


Model Name/Number
Phonak Audeo Belong B70
Aid Placement
No. Of Channels
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Model Name/Number Phonak Audeo Belong B70
Aid Placement Receiver-in-the-Canal
Brand Phonak
No. Of Channels 16
Material Plastic
Is It Waterproof Waterproof
Battery 10/312/312/T/13

Product Description

Fully automatic for effortless listening everywhere
95% of users rely solely on our automatic operating system. Enjoy unmatched hearing performance, wherever you go, without having to adjust your hearing aids manually.

The Phonak Audeo Belong B70 is a sophisticated receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) hearing aid designed to provide users with a seamless and natural listening experience. Boasting 16 channels, this model is equipped with advanced features to enhance sound quality and cater to individual hearing needs.

Design and Material: Constructed from high-quality plastic, the Audeo Belong B70 combines durability with a sleek and discreet design. The Receiver-in-the-Canal placement ensures a comfortable fit, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of improved hearing without compromising on aesthetics.

Sound Quality: One of the standout features of the Audeo Belong B70 is its 16 channels, which enable precise adjustments to different frequency bands. This customization allows users to experience a more natural and clear sound, especially in challenging listening environments. The device’s adaptive technology adapts to varying soundscapes, providing a seamless transition between quiet and noisy settings.

Ease of Use: Phonak is renowned for its user-friendly devices, and the Audeo Belong B70 is no exception. The hearing aid is equipped with easy-to-use controls for volume adjustments and program settings. Additionally, the device can be seamlessly integrated with smartphones and other accessories, offering enhanced connectivity and control through dedicated apps.

Comfort and Fit: The Receiver-in-the-Canal placement not only contributes to the device’s discreet appearance but also ensures a comfortable and secure fit. The Audeo Belong B70 is designed to be worn throughout the day without causing discomfort, allowing users to enjoy a full range of activities without worrying about their hearing aid.

Battery Life: Powered by reliable and long-lasting batteries, the Audeo Belong B70 provides users with extended usage between replacements. This feature is especially beneficial for individuals with an active lifestyle, minimizing the need for frequent battery changes.

Overall Performance: The Phonak Audeo Belong B70 stands out as a reliable and high-performance hearing aid. Its combination of advanced technology, comfortable design, and customizable features make it a suitable choice for individuals seeking a premium hearing solution.


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