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Oticon Get D BTE

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 4
Battery Type 13
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Oticon BTE hearing aid into my daily life, and it has truly been a game-changer in my hearing experience. Addressing my moderate hearing loss, I sought a device that not only provided clear and natural sound but also offered advanced features for various listening environments. The Oticon BTE has exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

Key Features:

  1. Feedback Cancellation: The feedback cancellation feature of the Oticon BTE is exceptional. It eliminates unwanted whistling sounds, providing a comfortable and uninterrupted listening experience. I no longer have to worry about distracting feedback during conversations or other activities.
  2. Noise Management: The noise management feature enhances my ability to focus on important sounds by effectively reducing background noise. Whether in a bustling environment or enjoying the tranquility of nature, the hearing aid adapts to provide clear and focused sound.
  3. Telecoil: The inclusion of a telecoil is a valuable addition, especially in environments with hearing loop systems. It ensures clear and direct audio reception, enhancing my experience in public spaces equipped with this technology.

Advanced Add-On Features:

  1. DAI & FM Compatible: The compatibility with Direct Audio Input (DAI) and Frequency Modulation (FM) systems adds versatility to the hearing aid. This feature enhances connectivity, ensuring clear and direct sound from various audio sources.
  2. Dynamic Feedback Cancellation DFC2: The dynamic feedback cancellation takes feedback control to the next level. It provides a seamless listening experience, even in challenging situations where feedback can be more prevalent.
  3. Open Ear Acoustics: The open ear acoustics feature contributes to the naturalness of the sound. Allowing ambient sounds to enter the ear canal enhances spatial awareness, making the auditory experience more immersive.

Number of Programs:

The Oticon BTE offers a total of four manual programs, allowing me to customize settings for different environments. This flexibility has proven to be invaluable, providing optimal performance in diverse listening situations.

Design and Comfort:

The BTE design is ergonomic and comfortable to wear throughout the day. The hearing aid sits discreetly behind the ear, and its lightweight construction ensures a comfortable fit. The design seamlessly integrates into my daily routine without compromising on performance.

Performance in Real-Life Situations:

In real-life situations, the Oticon BTE has consistently delivered exceptional performance. Whether engaged in conversations, listening to music, or participating in outdoor activities, the hearing aid adapts to provide clear and natural sound.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the Oticon BTE is impressive. The extended battery life ensures that the device remains powered for an extended period, reducing the need for frequent battery replacements.


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