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Signia Prompt Click Invisible Hearing Aid

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Widex Daily 30 D03-FA BTE

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 3
Battery Type 312
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Brand: Widex Widex is another reputable brand in the field of hearing aids, offering solutions for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss.

Channels: 2-4 The number of channels refers to the frequency bands that can be adjusted independently. Having 2-4 channels allows for customization to address different frequency ranges.

Fitting Range: Up to 90 dB This indicates the maximum level of amplification and the range of hearing loss that the hearing aids are designed to accommodate.

Types: BTE (Behind-the-Ear) BTE hearing aids are designed to rest behind the ear, with a tube or wire connecting to an earmold inside the ear. They are often more visible but offer certain advantages in terms of power and features.


  • Acclimatization Manager: Helps users gradually adapt to new hearing aid settings.
  • Feedback Cancellation: Reduces or eliminates whistling or feedback sounds.
  • Noise Management: Minimizes background noise for a clearer listening experience.
  • Omni Directional: Captures sound from all directions, providing a broader awareness of the acoustic environment.

Add-On Features:

  • Active Feedback Cancellation: An enhanced feature for more effective reduction of feedback sounds.
  • Basic Sensogram: Likely a basic form of analyzing and adjusting the hearing aid based on the wearer’s needs.
  • Noise Reduction SIS: Refers to a noise reduction system, possibly Smart Impact Sound.
  • Static Feedback Cancellation: A feature designed to handle consistent or constant feedback.
  • True Input Technology: Presumably a technology that ensures accurate processing of incoming sounds.
  • True ISP Platform: A platform for sound processing, likely emphasizing true-to-life sound.
  • Wireless Connectivity Via Widex Link: Enables wireless communication with other devices or accessories.
  • Fixed Directional: Microphones are set to capture sound from a specific direction.

Number of Programs: 3 User Programs Users can choose from three different pre-set programs to optimize hearing in various situations.

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