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Virto P70-312 NW 0 Hearing aid

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Vitus+ ITE Hearing aid kan ki machine

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Virto P70-10 NW 0 Hearing aid

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Model Virto V90
Brand Phonak
No. Of Channels 20
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Design and Comfort: The Virto V90 boasts a sleek and discreet design, crafted to fit comfortably in the ear. Its custom-molded shell ensures a snug fit, making it almost invisible when worn. The ergonomic design minimizes discomfort, allowing users to wear it for extended periods without irritation.

Sound Quality: With its 20 channels, this model provides exceptional sound quality and precise sound processing. It offers a wide range of frequencies, enabling users to hear a broad spectrum of sounds, from the faintest whispers to the loudest noises, with clarity and precision. The device’s ability to adapt to various environments ensures an optimal listening experience in different settings.

Adaptive Features: The Virto V90 incorporates adaptive features that adjust automatically to changing environments. Its adaptive directional microphones help focus on speech while reducing background noise, improving speech understanding even in noisy situations. Additionally, it adapts to varying sound levels, ensuring comfortable listening without sudden loud noises.

Connectivity and Control: This model is compatible with various accessories and technologies, offering connectivity to smartphones and other devices via Bluetooth. Users can control settings, volume, and programs through a dedicated app, providing convenience and customization to suit individual preferences.

Battery Life: The battery life of the Virto V90 is quite reliable, lasting throughout the day on a single charge, depending on usage. Its rechargeable option makes it convenient for users, eliminating the hassle of changing batteries frequently.

Overall Performance: Phonak’s Virto V90 is a high-performance hearing aid that delivers exceptional sound quality, comfort, and adaptability. Its advanced features cater to diverse listening needs, ensuring a seamless experience across various environments.


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