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White Signia Styletto 2ax Ric Rechargeble Hearing Aids Chh, Sambhajinagar

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Signia Silk Charge & Go 3 IX rechargeable hearing aid


All hearing aids purchased from Vr Speech And Hearing Clinic include professional fitting with a qualified hearing specialist plus comprehensive inclusions.

Full hearing test & Professional fitting
1-year FREE appointments
Extended warranties
Discounted charger / free batteries
30-day money-back guarantee
Private health rebates
100 clinics Australia-wide

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4 reasons to choose Signia Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids


Experience the ease of a tiny hearing aid that’s ready to wear. The snug design can be worn immediately, improving your hearing experience from the moment you put it on.

2All-day power

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery that powers your hearing all day. Plus, the case offers wireless charging on the go.

3Focus on what matters

Unique for a device this size, Silk Charge&Go IX uses advanced technology to focus on speech from the front in noisy listening environments.

4Personalised control at your fingertips

Fine-tune your hearing aids to suit your unique hearing preferences with a user-friendly app.

Hearing Aid Specifications

Features Signia 7 IX Signia 5 IX Signia 3 IX
Technology Class Platinum Gold Silver
Fine-Tuning Channels 48 36 32
eWindScreen ★★★ ★★★
HD Music 3 3 1
Auto EchoShield
Extended Bandwidth
Reverberant Room
Direct Streaming
Wireless (app only)


Hearing Aid Models

Discretion with style

Signia Silk Charge&Go IX is available in two colours, mocha and black, with a soft textured surface to avoid reflections for added discretion.

The unique discreet ready-to-wear CIC instantly fits with new ultra comfortable EarWear 3.0 or with custom mould.

Signia Silk IX also has an option of a CROS for single-sided hearing loss.

Silk IX features

  • Fine-Tuning Channels increase sound resolution and processing
  • eWindscreen supresses wind noise so you can hear comfortably and clearly outdoors
  • Auto EchoShield makes it easier to hear in difficult indoor environments
  • Extended Bandwidth delivers amplification for even more speech frequencies and higher pitched voices
  • Reverberant Room provides a dedicated program for reverberant environments
  • HD Music optimised music programs for enhanced enjoyment of non-streamed music


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