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Widex Dream 110 D1-XP ITC Hearing Aid

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Widex Daily 30 D03-CIC Hearing Aid / kan ki machine

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Signia Silk 5px Click CIC Hearing Aid

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Brand Name Signia
Model Silk 5px Click CIC
Type Click CIC
Digital / Programmable Digital Programmable
No.of Channels 32
Battery Type 10
GAIN / OP 50/113
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Brand : Signia

My experience with the Signia Readymade CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aid has been exceptional, thanks to its comprehensive range of features and advanced functionalities.

Design and Comfort: The Readymade CIC design offers a discreet and comfortable fit within the ear canal. Its small size ensures a virtually invisible profile, providing a comfortable wearing experience for extended periods.

Features and Functionality: With an extensive range of 31-36 channels and a fitting range of up to 80dB, this hearing aid delivers impressive sound amplification and quality. Notable features like Acclimatization Manager, Auto Directional, and Frequency Compression significantly contribute to adapting to diverse sound environments and enhancing overall sound clarity.

Advanced Technologies: The device offers a multitude of advanced technologies, including Feedback Cancellation, Noise Management, and Wind Noise Reduction, which collectively ensure a superior listening experience by reducing unwanted noises and feedback, allowing for clear speech comprehension.

Additional Features and Convenience: The integration of features such as Data Logging, Ear2Ear Communication, and Music Streaming elevates the device’s functionality, providing users with enhanced connectivity options and personalized experiences.

Programs and Control: Equipped with advanced features like Speech Focus, Tinnitus Masker, and Wind Noise Reduction, this hearing aid offers specific programs for various listening scenarios, ensuring clear and focused sound in different environments.


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