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Signia Behind The Ear Hearing Aid- Fun (SP)

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Signia Run Click ITC Hearing Aid Machine

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Signia Pure 1px RIC | Hearing Aid



Product Name: Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine
Brand: Signia
Model: Pure 1px
Type: RIC (Receiver-in-Canal)
Digital/Programmable: Programmable
No. of Channels: 16
Battery Type: 312
GAIN / OP: 45/108, 60/119, 70/124, 75/130
Fitting Range: S:10-85 / M:10-95 / P:15-110 / HP:20-115

SpeechMaster technology optimizes speech understanding by dynamically prioritizing and enhancing speech signals while minimizing background noise, making conversations clearer and more enjoyable.

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The Signia Pure 1px RIC Ear machine is a remarkable addition to the world of hearing aids, offering advanced technology and innovative features to enhance the overall hearing experience. As part of the Signia brand, renowned for its commitment to delivering high-quality hearing solutions, the Pure 1px stands out with its comprehensive set of features designed to provide users with optimal comfort and performance.

Key Features:

Acclimatization Manager:

The Acclimatization Manager is a standout feature that ensures a smooth transition for users adjusting to their new hearing aids. This technology gradually increases amplification over time, allowing wearers to adapt comfortably to their improved hearing ability.
Auto Directional:

The Auto Directional feature enhances the wearer’s listening experience by automatically adjusting the hearing aid’s microphone directionality based on the surrounding sound environment. This ensures clear and focused amplification of the sounds that matter most.
Data Logging:

Keeping track of usage patterns and environmental settings, the Data Logging feature empowers users and hearing care professionals with valuable insights. This information can be utilized to make personalized adjustments for an even more tailored hearing experience.
Feedback Cancellation:

Signia Pure 1px employs advanced Feedback Cancellation technology to eliminate unwanted whistling or feedback noises, providing users with a clear and natural auditory experience.

Frequency Compression:

This feature expands the audible frequency range, making it possible for wearers to perceive a broader spectrum of sounds. Frequency Compression is especially beneficial for users with varying degrees of hearing loss.

Noise Management:

Signia Pure 1px incorporates Noise Management technology, effectively reducing background noise to ensure that wearers can focus on conversations and essential sounds in any environment.

Wind Noise Reduction:

The Wind Noise Reduction feature minimizes the interference caused by wind, enhancing outdoor listening experiences and allowing wearers to enjoy the sounds of nature without distraction.


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