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Signia Pure 1px RIC | Hearing Aid

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Signia Behind The Ear Hearing Aid- Fun (SP)


Features & Specifications :
• Brand : SIGNIA
• Model : BTE FUN SP
• Color : Beige
• Digital Hearing Aid
• Rocker Volume Control
• Suitable For: Severe or Profound Hearing Loss
• Max. Power Output: 140 dB SPL/ Gain 79 dB
• Battery Voltage 1.4V
• Carrying Case Included
• Warranty : Two year warranty by the manufacturer

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Fitting in just a few simple steps
Quickly and simply address different levels of hearing loss in just a few streamlined steps for effortless fittings:

Step 1: Selection
Once the level of hearing loss has been established, the appropriate device, Fun P or Fun SP, is selected.

Step 2: Specification
The client’s measurements are entered into the appropriate sound profile table which calculates which sound profiles suitable for the client. The best option is then set for the user.

Step 3: Comfort Coupling
The device is individually assembled using the proven Comfort Coupling technology. The tube can be easily shortened for an exact fit. Finally, the appropriate dome is fitted.

Step 4: Customer satisfaction
The goal is to fulfill customer’s sound quality and amplification needs. By using the rocker switch, the hearing aid wearer can select a volume that is comfortable for them.


Discover Fun hearing aids:

Understand conversation
(1) Focus on what is really important.
Fun’s microphone picks up and amplifies the sound so you can fully concentrate on your talks, chats and conversations, not on hearing.
Easy handling
(2) All options at your fingertips.
Conveniently positioned and easy to use, the rocker switch lets you adjust the volume of your hearing aids quickly and simply for complete comfort.
Sound transmission
(3) Your powerful connection to life.
Ideal for wearers with severe hearing loss, the transparent earhook provides a high level of amplification. The combination of the tube, whose length can be trimmed to fit you precisely, and a range of super-soft, gentle tips in different sizes that offer the perfect solution for you make Fun highly comfortable to wear.
Complete protection
(4) Rugged, robust and reliable.
Fun’s housings are trialed and tested in the most challenging environments and are resistant to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt to keep out the rigors of everyday life.
Designed for optimum fit
(5) A delight in wearing and handling comfort.
Fun instruments are easy to put on. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of their housings, they provide a highly comfortable fit behind your ears.


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