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Signia Prompt Click Invisible Hearing Aid

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Kit Silk C&G 3IX | Hearing Aid

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Oticon Hit CIC

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 4
Battery Type 10
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Oticon CIC (Completely-in-Canal) hearing aids, and I am thrilled to share my experience with this remarkable product. As someone with a hearing loss of up to 80 decibels, finding a hearing solution that caters to my specific needs has always been a challenge. However, Oticon has truly delivered on both performance and features with their CIC model.

Design and Comfort: The CIC design is incredibly discreet, fitting snugly inside the ear canal. The small and compact size not only makes them almost invisible to others but also ensures a comfortable wearing experience. I appreciate the attention to detail in the design, as the aids sit comfortably in my ears throughout the day without causing any discomfort.

Performance: The Oticon CIC hearing aids provide a significant improvement in my hearing ability across various environments. The device features two to four channels, allowing for precise adjustments to different frequencies. This has been crucial in delivering clear and natural sound quality, even in challenging listening situations.

Features: One standout feature of the Oticon CIC is its advanced feedback cancellation and noise management capabilities. The dynamic feedback cancellation (DFC2) is particularly effective in eliminating unwanted whistling or feedback sounds, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted listening experience. The noise management feature has proven invaluable in reducing background noise, making it easier for me to focus on conversations and other important sounds.

Add-On Features: The inclusion of Dynamic Feedback Cancellation DFC2 and Open Ear Acoustics is a game-changer. The DFC2 technology goes beyond traditional feedback cancellation, adapting in real-time to changing environments. Additionally, the open ear acoustics contribute to a more natural sound experience, allowing for better spatial awareness.

User Programs: The Oticon CIC hearing aids come with four user programs, offering versatility for different listening scenarios. Whether I’m in a quiet room, a busy restaurant, or outdoors, I can easily switch between programs to optimize the hearing aid settings for each situation.


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