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Oticon Dynamo 6 Power BTE

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Oticon Get CIC

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Oticon Dynamo Power BTE

Original price was: ₹35,000.00.Current price is: ₹32,990.00.

Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 13
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Oticon BTE hearing aid, and the impact on my hearing experience has been nothing short of transformative. As someone with a profound hearing loss, finding a device that combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly features was essential for me. The Oticon BTE has exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

Features that Stand Out:

  1. Feedback Cancellation: The feedback cancellation feature is incredibly effective. It has eliminated the frustrating whistling sounds that were a persistent issue with my previous hearing aid, providing a clear and comfortable listening experience.
  2. Fully Wireless: The fully wireless functionality of the Oticon BTE has added a new dimension to my daily life. Seamless connectivity to various devices, including smartphones and TVs, has made communication and entertainment more accessible and enjoyable.
  3. Music Streaming: The ability to stream music directly to the hearing aid has been a game-changer. The sound quality is remarkable, and I can now appreciate the nuances of my favorite music with clarity.
  4. Noise Management: The noise management feature has significantly improved my ability to focus on conversations in noisy environments. It effectively reduces background noise, enhancing the overall quality of my hearing.

Impressive Add-On Features:

  1. Bimodal Fitting Protocol: The Bimodal Fitting Protocol accommodates my specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with my cochlear implant for a synchronized auditory experience.
  2. Binaural Coordination (Push-Buttons): The push-button coordination between both hearing aids allows for easy adjustments, providing greater control over my listening settings.
  3. ConnectLine: The ConnectLine feature has made connectivity a breeze. I can effortlessly connect to a variety of audio devices, enhancing my communication and entertainment options.
  4. DAI and FM Compatible: The compatibility with Direct Audio Input (DAI) and Frequency Modulation (FM) systems ensures versatility and clear sound in diverse situations.
  5. EasyRECD™: The EasyRECD™ feature simplifies the Real Ear to Coupler Difference (RECD) measurement process, resulting in a personalized and comfortable fitting.
  6. Inium Sense Feedback Shield SP: The feedback shield is impressive, providing a consistent and feedback-free listening experience even in challenging environments.
  7. Multi-Band Adaptive Directionality: The adaptive directionality feature dynamically adjusts to different environments, enhancing speech understanding in varying acoustic settings.
  8. Power Bass (Streaming): The Power Bass feature during streaming adds depth and richness to the audio, delivering an enhanced experience for music enthusiasts.
  9. Spatial Noise Management: The spatial noise management technology contributes to a natural and immersive auditory experience, allowing me to engage with my surroundings more effectively.
  10. Speech Guard E: The Speech Guard E technology ensures the clarity of speech sounds, making conversations more enjoyable and effortless.
  11. Speech Rescue: The Speech Rescue feature provides access to high-frequency sounds, offering a more comprehensive hearing experience.
  12. VoicePriority™: The VoicePriority™ feature prioritizes speech sounds, particularly useful in noisy environments.
  13. YouMatic Premium: The YouMatic Premium personalization feature allows for tailored adjustments, ensuring the hearing aid aligns perfectly with my individual preferences.

Number of Programs: With six user programs, I have the flexibility to customize settings for various situations, providing an optimal listening experience in different environments.


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