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Basic Pocket Hearing Aid


Phonak Baseo Q5-SP BTE Kanache Machine

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Pocket Model Hearing Aid Machine For Both Ear


Pocket model hearing aid
Max power output 140 db spl and gain 80 db
Top mounted Omni directional electret condenser microphone for reliable operation
Position m t o switch
Low frequency noise control nh, Trimmer controls allow for independent adjustment of frequency n agci

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High Power Smart 8 Channel Stylish Premium Hearing Aid, Pocket Model Hearing Aid, Lightweight , Premium High Power Ear Machine, Hearing Enhancer Ear Machine Sound Amplifier In The Ear Hearing Aid In The Ear Hearing Aid ,Sound Enhancement For Old Age .Matching up with the requirements of our clients, we are involved in offering different types of Hearing Aid Machine. A hearing disorder or hearing deficiency is a total or minor reduction in the ability to perceive or recognize sounds. Hearing loss can happen to any organism that interprets sound because of a broad range of biological and environmental conditions. Sound Amplifier allows people with hearing loss issues to hear sound and voice like normal people. Through master class innovation aims to empower people across the globe with the best hearing solutions. POCKET MODEL revolutionized the hearing care industry with its introduction of Ready-to-Fit hearing instruments with automatic features by the way of its new Rapid Fit products. The World’s Fastest Rapid Fit Hearing Aid ideal for quick fit requirements and also for places where PC/Laptop is not available. This technology which has the new advanced signal processing algorithms offers special benefits in the areas of audibility, comfort and noise reduction. The Model is featured with Fast Signal processing, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, Rotary Volume Control, Low Battery Warning, Powerful Low Noise hearing Aids ,Tone Control.


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