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Oticon Ria Pro IIC Hearing Aid


Brand Name Oticon
Model Ria Pro IIC 
Type IIC
Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 10
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Brands Oticon
Channels 15-16
Fitting Range upto 75db
Types IIC
  1. Feedback Cancellation and Noise Management: These hearing aids are equipped with advanced technologies that effectively reduce feedback and manage background noise, enhancing speech clarity in various environments.
  2. AI Essential: The inclusion of AI Essential technology adds an intelligent aspect to these devices, potentially aiding wearers in adapting to different listening situations more effortlessly.
  3. AutoPhone Program: This feature detects phone usage and adjusts settings accordingly, optimizing the hearing experience during phone calls.
  4. Binaural Push Button Coordination: The synchronized functionality between both devices ensures seamless adjustments and coordination for the user, enhancing overall performance.
  5. ConnectLine Enabled: With ConnectLine compatibility, users can seamlessly connect their hearing aids to various devices like smartphones, TVs, and more, enhancing connectivity and accessibility.
  6. DAI and FM Compatibility: These hearing aids support direct audio input (DAI) and are compatible with FM systems, catering to various audio setups and environments.
  7. Fitting Bandwidth 8kHz: The wide bandwidth of 8kHz ensures a broader spectrum of sound amplification, potentially improving overall hearing quality.
  8. Flexible miniFit Receiver System: This system allows for versatile and comfortable fitting, ensuring a secure and personalized experience for the user.
  9. FreeFocus Essential and YouMatic Essential: These features provide customization options for focusing on specific sounds and personalized hearing experiences, catering to individual preferences.
  10. Inium Feedback Shield: This technology effectively manages and reduces instances of feedback, ensuring a more comfortable and natural listening experience.

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