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Digital Invisible Hearing Aids


Aid Placement
Invisible in Canal
No. Of Channels
Above 6
Country of Origin
Made in India
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  • Aid Placement: Invisible in Canal
  • Type: Digital
  • Brand: Starkey
  • Number of Channels: Above 6
  • Country of Origin: Made in India

Key Features:

  1. Invisible in Canal (IIC): This type of aid placement ensures that the hearing aid is discreet and almost invisible when worn in the ear canal, offering a cosmetically appealing solution.
  2. Digital Technology: As a digital hearing aid, it utilizes advanced digital signal processing for improved sound quality and customization based on individual hearing needs.
  3. Number of Channels: With more than 6 channels, the hearing aid can process and adjust different frequencies independently, providing a more precise and tailored hearing experience.
  4. Country of Origin: The hearing aid is proudly made in India, contributing to the domestic manufacturing industry.

Customers interested in this Starkey hearing aid may benefit from its discreet design, digital technology, and the ability to accommodate a variety of channels for a personalized listening experience. As always, it’s recommended to verify product details and consult with a hearing care professional to ensure that the hearing aid meets specific individual requirements.


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