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Signia Styletto 7AX Hearing Aids (Pair)

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Signia Pure 312 3Nx RIC Hearing Aid

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Audio Service Mood 4 G4 RIC Hearing Aid

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Brand Name Audio Service
Model Mood 4 G4
Type RIC
Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type 312
GAIN / 45/108, 60/119, 70/124
FITTING RANGE 10-85, 10-100, 15-110
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Brand: Audio Service

  • Channels: 15-16 channels. Channels in hearing aids help to process different frequency ranges separately for better sound customization.
  • Fitting Range: Audio Service hearing aids seem to offer different fitting ranges, such as up to 90dB, up to 100dB, and up to 110dB. This range signifies the amplification capability for different levels of hearing loss.
  • Features:
    • App Compatibility: Allows connectivity with smartphone apps for control or adjustments.
    • Auto Directional: Automatically adjusts the microphone directionality for better focus on speech.
    • Data Logging: Records usage data, which can help audiologists fine-tune settings during follow-up appointments.
    • Feedback Cancellation: Reduces or eliminates whistling or feedback sounds that can occur in hearing aids.
    • Frequency Compression: Helps to process and deliver a wider range of frequencies for better speech understanding.
    • Multi Mic: Capable of using multiple microphones for improved sound reception in various environments.
    • Music Streaming: Allows direct streaming of music from compatible devices.
    • Noise Management: Helps reduce background noise for clearer sound perception.

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