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Phonak Virto V50-Nano IIC | छोटी कान कि मशीन

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Audeo L30-R – Phonak Kan Ki Machine

Original price was: ₹60,000.00.Current price is: ₹55,000.00.
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Audio Service Duo 3 BTE

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Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 12
Battery Type 13
GAIN / OP 60/130
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Brand: Audio Service

Channels: 11-12

Fitting Range: Up to 100dB

Types: BTE (Behind-the-Ear)


  1. App Compatible: The hearing aid is compatible with a mobile application, allowing users to control and customize settings through their smartphones.
  2. Feedback Cancellation: This feature helps in reducing or eliminating unwanted feedback or whistling sounds that may occur with hearing aids.
  3. Multi Mic: The hearing aid likely has multiple microphones, which can improve the user’s ability to focus on specific sounds and enhance overall hearing quality.
  4. Noise Management: This feature helps in filtering and reducing background noise, enhancing the user’s ability to hear and understand speech in noisy environments.
  5. Telecoil: Telecoil technology allows the hearing aid to connect wirelessly to compatible devices, such as telephones and audio systems, improving the clarity of phone conversations and audio streaming.


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