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Hearing Aid OMNIA 461 RIE


RIC Widex Moment 440 Li-Iron Rechargable Hearing Aid

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ALPS RIC Hearing Aid

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No. Of Channels
6 Spro
Battery Size
Packaging Type
Box & Packet
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Model: 6 Spro
Brand: Alps
Type: RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) Hearing Aid
No. Of Channels: 1-2
Battery Size: 13
Packaging Type: Box & Packet

Product Description:

ALPS RIC Hearing Aid, model 6 Spro, is a reliable and comprehensive hearing device line that caters to a wide range of hearing requirements. Whether you are looking for a compact portable instrument or a full-functioning clinical instrument, ALPS provides a product that suits your needs.

Key Features:

  1. 1-2 Channels: This model features 1-2 channels, providing essential amplification for improved hearing in various environments.
  2. Compact and Portable: The compact design of the ALPS RIC Hearing Aid makes it portable and discreet, allowing users to wear it comfortably throughout the day.
  3. Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) Design: The RIC design ensures a comfortable fit and reduces occlusion, allowing users to experience natural sound quality.
  4. Battery Size 13: Equipped with a size 13 battery, this hearing aid offers a balance between size and battery life, ensuring a reliable power source for extended use.
  5. Versatile Application: Whether for personal use or in a clinical setting, the ALPS RIC Hearing Aid adapts to various scenarios, providing a versatile solution for users with different hearing needs.
  6. Box & Packet Packaging: The hearing aid is packaged in a box and packet, ensuring secure transportation and storage.
  7. Affordable Price: Priced at ₹28,000 per piece, the ALPS RIC Hearing Aid offers an affordable option for individuals seeking a reliable and budget-friendly hearing solution.


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