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Audio Service P6 G4 BTE – डिजिटल कान कि मशीन


Oticon Dynamo 4 Power BTE

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Audio Service Sun 6 G4 LI-ION RIC


Digital / Programmable Programmable
No.of Channels 16
Battery Type Accu
GAIN / 45/108, 60/119, 70/124
FITTING RANGE 10-85, 10-100, 15-110
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Brand: Audio Service

Channels: 15-16


  1. App Compatible: The hearing aid is compatible with a mobile application, allowing users to control and customize settings using a smartphone or other compatible device.
  2. Auto Directional: The device likely features automatic directional microphone technology, which adjusts the microphone sensitivity based on the direction of the sound source to improve speech understanding.
  3. Data Logging: The hearing aid can log and store data related to usage patterns, environmental settings, and other relevant information. This data can be valuable for users and audiologists in optimizing the hearing aid’s performance.
  4. Feedback Cancellation: This feature helps to reduce or eliminate feedback or whistling sounds that may occur with hearing aids.
  5. Frequency Compression: This technology compresses high-frequency sounds into a lower frequency range, making them more audible for individuals with high-frequency hearing loss.
  6. Multi Mic: The presence of multiple microphones enhances the device’s ability to capture and process sounds from different directions, improving the overall listening experience.
  7. Music Streaming: The hearing aid supports streaming of music, allowing users to enjoy audio directly through their hearing aids from compatible devices.
  8. Noise Management: The device includes technology for managing and reducing background noise, enhancing the user’s ability to focus on desired sounds.
  9. Speech Focus: This feature may emphasize speech frequencies, improving clarity during conversations.
  10. Rechargeable: The hearing aid is rechargeable, eliminating the need for regular battery replacements.
  11. Telecoil: A telecoil (T-coil) is included, enabling direct connection to hearing loop systems in public places for improved sound clarity.
  12. Tinnitus Masker: The device includes a feature to generate sounds that can help mask or reduce the perception of tinnitus.
  13. Wind Noise Reduction: This feature helps to minimize the impact of wind noise, providing a better listening experience in windy conditions.
  14. Wireless: The hearing aid has wireless capabilities, suggesting possible connectivity with other devices such as smartphones or audio accessories.


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